Starred: Rob Schneider, Cheech Marin, Claudia Bassols, Diana Maria Riva, Eugenio Derbez, Lupe Ontiveros

If the trade-off for Rob Schneider calling quits on his racially insensitive, painfully unfunny Adam Sandler movie cameos—in which he has portrayed every ethnicity under the sun with awfully caricatured results—was a Rob Schneider CBS sitcom, then the powers-that-be made the right choice in cancelling it and sending Rob back to the silver screen.

If the mere inclusion of Schneider wasn't bad enough, the premise was even more tired than he is. A middle-aged white guy (Wait, we thought Rob was Filipino?!) marries into a Mexican-American family and has to grow accustomed to their wacky, foreign ways! Can you believe this only lasted eight episodes? ¡Qué sorpresa!