Oh, poor Carmen Electra. It's difficult to argue that the former Playboy Playmate and Baywatch bunny is not one of the sexiest women alive, but her good fortune has rarely made it past the point of physical attractiveness. As an actress, she's routinely picked some real stinkers, and the obscure-for-a-good-reason 2007 flick I Want Candy lands at the bottom of that list.

Stricken with the ridiculously hyperbolic and embarrassing tagline, "The year's juiciest comedy," I Want Candy finds Electra playing an erotica actress who befriends a group of immature, horny film students from, get this, Leatherhead University.

She's undeniably attractive in the film, but there's no ignoring the fact that Electra basically signed on to headline a raunchy teen comedy that makes those direct-to-DVD American Pie and National Lampoon's movies look like Superbad.