Played by: John Travolta

After starring in Welcome Back, Kotter and Saturday Night Fever, no one expected John Travolta to reemerge in the ‘90s. The haters were proven wrong, though. As the slick hitman Vincent Vega, Travolta resurrected his career and gave life to one of his best roles.

Along with his partner, Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson, and who we’ll get to later), Vincent spends most of his time fondly reminiscing about his trip to Amsterdam, staring at a $5 milkshake in befuddlement, shooting adrenaline into his boss’ wife's heart, and, that's right, taking out any target he’s ordered to whack.

Though they're a pair, Vega and Jules are so distinct from one another that they definitely each needed their own entries here. Unlike Jules, Vega is best remembered for the Chuck Berry dance scene with Uma Thurman and his love of Elvis, not for his violent outbursts. He’s a hitman that seems more content to eat a cheeseburger at a ‘50s style diner than brandish a gun, and for that, he lands on our list.