Release date: September 12, 2000
Record label: Cash Money/Universal

Never one to be outdone, Cash Money Records head honcho Bryan "Baby" Williams (or, as fans today call him, Birdman) saw what fellow New Orleans entrepreneur Master P was doing with low-rent flicks like I'm Bout It and I Got the Hook Up and co-wrote and co-directed his own straight-to-the-street-corner movie, Baller Blockin'. Trying to be the hood's precursor to Judd Apatow, Baby created a pre-Pineapple Express veneer of action-comedy shenanigans, though its humor is best aided by some freshly rolled doobies and an affinity for inept filmmaking.

It's also wise to watch Baller Blockin' with its Cash Money-centric soundtrack playing in the background. The album's finest moment is, of course, the single "Project Bitch," that romantic ballad dedicated to "hoodrat chicks" anchored by Lil Wayne and Juvenile. Generously, Baby and his partner/brother, Ronald "Slim" Williams, opened Baller Blockin' up to outside rappers, too, a move that blessed them with jams like UGK's "Family Affair" and Nas and Bravehearts' "What You Gonna Do."