As great as hour-long dramas like Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, and Homeland are, keeping up with their sprawling drama and multiple characters' story lines can be an arduous task. Missing one episode means you can't just casually wait for the following week's installment—if you don't immediately play catch-up, you'll fall way behind. That's why it's always good to work some sitcoms and lighter fare into one's viewing schedule. With half-hour comedy programs, a week away from the narrative isn't a big deal, since the plots usually change every seven days and the showrunners' chief priorities all revolve around generating laughter. Lofty stakes need not apply.

These days, television junkies are waist-deep in some of the boob-tube's best drama shows, and it's definitely important for fans of, say, The Walking Dead to offset the rampant heaviness with lighthearted levity. And what better place to find the strongest jokes, the most ridiculous situations, and the funniest hot women than on Hulu, the free TV episode streaming service? Well, Hulu Plus, actually, where, for only $7.99 a month, subscribers are given a much deeper library of comedic series old and new. (You can even try it for a week for free!)

Rather than spend hours sifting through the extensive catalogs, though, simply click through the following list of The 25 Best Comedy TV Shows Streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus Now and let Complex be your guide.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)