Director: J.T. Petty
Stars: Clancy Brown, William Mapother, Laura Leighton, Sean Patrick Thomas, Robert Ri'chard, Doug Hutchison, Karl Geary, Jocelin Donahue

Indie writer-director J.T. Petty's The Burrowers is a one-stop shop for greedy genre movie heads. Combining the best elements of westerns, monster movies, and bare-bones action cinema, the underrated 2008 cult favorite pits cowboys, Indians, and soldiers against a creatures that steal people from their homes, stick them with a paralytic venom, and harvest their bodies until the flesh is ripe enough to pleasurably devour. Save for a few distracting moments of questionable CGI (Petty makes the common mistake of showing too much of his monsters), The Burrowers is creative, no-frills filmmaking.