Original Air Date: October 6, 2006
Director: Robert Lieberman
Stars: Campbell Scott, Gil Bellows, Daryl Hannah

In the same vein as Independence Day and V, Final Days on Planet Earth is about an alien invasion that threatens to overtake the planet. This includes a conspiracy that revolves around the alien insect queen disguising herself as Darryl Hannah, who works for the mayor of San Francisco, and slowly abducting the humans in the city. Why the insect queen didn’t strive for a job more important than an aide to the mayor of San Francisco is beyond us, but apparently that’s all this devious race of extraterrestrials needs to conquer our planet.

Keep in mind that this movie runs for almost three hours, so this whole low-budget alien conspiracy unfolds at a pace that would make a snail race look fast. Even if you like trashy B-movie fare, your movie-viewing palette might be a bit too complex for this.