Original Air Date: March 17,2012
Director: Kevin Connor
Stars: Adrian Pasdar, Amy Huberman

There isn’t a holiday that Hallmark can't exploit, and in Chasing Leprechauns, the company goes for the holiest of all high-holy days: St. Patrick’s Day. In it, a company sends a troubleshooter to Ireland to find out why it can’t build a plant outside of a small village. It turns out that the land is protected by a law that claims it is inhabited by endangered leprechauns and no building can be done there.

Of course this adventure leads the man to fall in love with Ireland’s resident “pixie expert,” who teaches him all about the mystical ways of the land. We’re not sure if this is really offensive to the Irish, or just part of Hallmark’s good-natured charm, but it still doesn’t stop Chasing Leprechauns from being absolutely bizarre in a naïve sort of way.