Original Air Date: November 27, 2004
Director: Kevin Connor
Stars: Patrick Muldoon, Kelli Williams

None of the movies on this list follow any sort of human logic, but A Boyfriend for Christmas makes everything else look like Othello in comparison. The movie begins with a girl named Holly wishing for a boyfriend for Christmas from Santa Claus at only 13 years old. But for two decades, she remains alone, apparently just waiting for the man of her dreams to be bound and gagged under her tree every December 25th.

Well, two decades after her initial wish, a mysterious man does show up at her door on Christmas and claims to be sent from Santa himself. And just like that, logic takes a holiday. This movie leads audiences to believe that not only does Santa Claus exist, but that he’s more pre-occupied with hooking this spinster up with a man than he is with giving out gifts like food and water to third world nations. You flummox us, Hallmark.