Typecast as: Creepy foreign villain
Notable examples: M, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Face Behind The Mask

Peter Lorre is one of the earliest examples of a typecasted actor stuck in the same role, but, to his credit, he made himself a Hollywood legend because of it. Lorre played squirmy foreign bad guys to perfection in flicks like The Man Who Knew Too Much and Casablanca. But it was his role as a child killer in Fritz Lang’s M that made his career as one of the movie industry’s best baddies.

Bringing Lorre along in your movie as a villain was a surefire way to bring credibility to the project, especially with the actor’s uncanny ability to bring real pathos and emotion to these roles. It seemed like Lorre embraced his niche in Hollywood after a while, which would make sense because he was damn good at it. See, typecasting isn’t always a bad thing.