Typecast as: A neurotic psychotic
Notable examples: Batman Returns, The Deer Hunter, True Romance, Seven Psychopaths

As Hollywood’s resident psychopath, Christopher Walken has made a small fortune by playing any mentally unbalanced character the film industry has to offer him. Whether the role calls for him to be a bad guy or just a run-of-the-mill lunatic, Walken has graced countless movies sporting the same personality, and it works every time. With his nonsensical rants, cold dead stare, and underlying burning rage, Walken makes for the perfect sadist, yet he’s always sure to bring a bit of humor to his roles.

Gigs like the villains in Batman Returns, A View to a Kill, True Romance, and even Mouse Hunt all have Walken playing the bad guy in a way that is reminiscent of that creepy uncle your parents tell you to never get into a car alone with. But even in movies where he’s not the villain, like The Deer Hunter, Walken's scarred psyche is still front and center.