Though she was born in Cairo, Egypt, Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti (better known, simply, as Dalida) truly came into her own as a French citizen. Living in Paris, the beautiful songbird released 55 gold records and brought down houses with her powerful voice. She's regarded as one of France's most influential entertainment figures, and that alone should warrant a major movie treatment. But when you take all of her off-stage dramas into account, Dalida's story becomes even heavier.

Before she committed suicide in May 1987, via an overdose of barbiturates, Dalida was married three different times, and all three unions had one awful thing in common: Each of her husbands killed themselves, two by shooting themselves in the head and the third by inhaling a car's exhaust gas. When her body was discovered in 1987, there was a suicide note found along with it, which, translated into English, read, "Life is unbearable for me… Forgive me."

Clearly, a Dalida biopic wouldn't be a crowd-pleaser. A fascinating, bleak look at how superstars battle ferocious demons when the cameras turn off, though? Absolutely.