Cheated on: Elin Nordegren
Secret lover(s): Jaimee Grubbs, Joslyn James, and many, many others

As if leaving his name on a mistress' voicemail wasn't the biggest voicemail fail ever, Tiger Woods proved why he's the worst cheater of all-time after a few of his jumpoffs shared his messages with the entire world. Cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs told Us Weekly about her three-year affair with the PGA champion and provided some texts to back up her claim. “I will wear you out...when was the last time you got (redacted)?," Woods wrote to Grubbs. But that's nothing compared to the 122 texts former porn star Joslyn James posted on her site, one of which asked the question, "Have you ever had a golden shower done to you?" Classy.