Some good news today for Samsung, which is no doubt still reeling from its $1 billion loss in court to Apple in August. The South Korean company's iPad competitor, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, has been cleared to go on sale again after being banned from American store shelves way back in June.

Apple won the injunction against the Galaxy Tab on a preliminary basis as a part of its sweeping patent case against Samsung. But a jury in the trial found that Samsung's tablet didn't actually infringe on the hardware design patent that Apple had used to have it banned. Since that ruling, Samsung has been requesting that the judge overturn the injunction and today it got its wish.

While Samsung is getting one of its contested devices back on the market, several others, including the entire Galaxy S II line, may not be so fortunate. Apple has requested that several of the devices that the jury did find were infringing be banned permanently.

[via The Verge]