A lot of times celebrities slap their names on products but know very little about the products themselves. They're money grabs, ways to cash in on their fame.

Former socialite— can we call her that yet?— Nicole Richie has a new perfume out called Nicole.

"I knew exactly what I wanted to do because my mom would combine different oils and lotions, and the blend of scents became very special to me," she said in statement back in late August, when the scent was originally announced. "Nicole blends the smells of my childhood memories with the aromas of the present."

Right. Whatever that means.

Looking to see how much Nicole Richie actually knew about her own perfume, Ellen DeGeneres had her do a smell test on her show. She got some shirtless muscle-bound dudes in on it, just to make things interesting.

"Oh, you shaved," Richie joked with one of the guys as she leaned in for a whiff. "Thank you!"

Then she picked out the correct scent. Guess she really does know what her childhood smells like.