What happens when Jeremy Kuempel, an MIT graduate, Matt Walliser, a former NASA intern, and Joey Roth, an industrial design expert, combine their expertise to develop the perfect cup of coffee? The Blossom One Limited coffeemaker.

The path to a great cup of coffee, however, is not cheap. The Blossom One Limited currently retails for $11,000.

What distinguishes this $11,000 coffeemaker from your $25 one in your crib? The Blossom One Limited is packed with technology that allows it to monitor water temperature, frequency of stirring over the course of preparation, ratio of coffee to water, pressure with which the coffee is produced, and the amount of time the coffee is in contact with the water.

Doesn't sound like it's worth $11,000? Well, the coffeemaker can be made-to-order with a number of exotic materials like Mahogany, Walnut, Sapele, Teak, or Zebrawood. It also has wi-fi connectivity, giving you the ability to download and share recipes directly from the coffeemaker. Additionally, the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera enables QR code scanning and remote performance monitoring. 

Got 11 stacks burning a hole in your pocket? The Blossom One coffeemaker is available now on the Blossom website. 

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