Neighborhood: Prospect Heights
Address: 623 Vanderbilt Ave.
Order This: Bourbon Street

Simply put, your favorite ice cream parlor isn't as good as Ample Hills. The flavors you're used to don't pop as hard, the ingredient combinations aren't as inventive, and the service isn't as friendly. The Salted Crack Caramel is rightly famous, as the fanatics who've become addicted to the balance of salty and sweet come back regularly for another hit. The taste technicians working in the kitchen (which the line winds around) are up to dirty business, turning treats like monkey bread into ice cream, or figuring out ways to incorporate beer and bacon into sweet cream. From their cakes to their sundaes, Ample Hills makes it impossible for you to make a bad decision. But if choice paralysis grips you, ask one of the employees—they spend enough time there that they've figured out the best ways to freak the flavors, and will whip something up for you posthaste.