Prepare to feel like Mom and Dad are getting divorced all over again: Sony and former PlayStation mascot Kevin Butler, played by actor and comedian Jerry Lambert, have had a falling out, and the company is suing Lambert.

Lambert previously played the mascot for Sony's gaming products in commercials and even during live appearances at events like the E3 convention, but last month he appeared in a Bridgestone tires ad, indicating that his relationship with Sony was likely at an end. Even more telling? In the tires ad, he was playing a Wii.

Bridgestone later had him edited out of the ad entirely, and now it's come to light that that may have something to do with the fact that on Sept. 11, Sony filed suit against both Lambert and Bridgestone. The details are currently unknown, but it's been speculated that Lambert likely had some fine print in his contract that would have prevented him from appearing with a non-Sony product for a specified amount of time after his stint with the company ended. A claus like that may have been violated by playing the Wii in Bridgestone's ad.

Either way, it's a sad day for video game mascots.

[via Kotaku]