What was it like filming in 3D?

It was amazing. I mean, you know, it's time-consuming, and it's—physically, it's a very different dynamic that you have, and a very different relationship that you have with the camera. Obviously everything that you do has, like, kind of got another dimension to it. So you kind of have to be wary. You can't do stupid things like go really up close to the camera [laughing]. Yeah, no, it was a challenge. It was great.

Do you think it adds to the horror element? Does it make it scarier?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I think it just makes sense with video gaming. Because, as a gamer, you control your journey through the game. And in this, 3D gives that other dimension, of where you can immerse yourself in a game. I think it just makes complete sense with the way technology's evolving.

What's your next role coming up? I know these companies are looking at you for other games that they probably would want to make into a movie…

I haven't got any gaming films coming up, but I have a British period series done actually on the BBC called "Parade's End," which just aired in the UK, and on the BBC, and it got wonderful reviews, and I'm just so happy with the production. And then I have another series on the Sundance channel from the makers of Breaking Bad—they're an amazing team—and it's coming out, it's called Rectified. It's coming out next year. It's on the Sundance channel. And I have The Great Gatsby coming up, so, you know, that's coming out in—I play Catherine, a New Jersey…outrageous corruptor [laughing].

When you were filming Silent Hill, it was after Kit Harrington and Sean Bean had filmed Game of Thrones, but it was before it aired. Were you aware of that series and did you get to chat with them about it?

I was aware of Game of Thrones. I'd read the script and was aware of the series. I didn't know the gravity of the series itself. But I knew that—I was very aware of Sean Bean, and, like, what an incredible actor he is. And then Kit, I mean, Kit speaks for himself, you know? He arrived on set when we started working, and he is a phenomenal actor. So, you know, I think when you see, you can kind of put it together, when you're in that situation, like, "Alright, alright, they've just finished up a series, they're amazing actors, they've got great tastes, so I think this is going to be something special." So it's no surprise to me that, you know, Game of Thrones has done as well as it has.

Sean's not on the show anymore, but Kit's still in there—have you convinced him yet that you need to get a part on Game of Thrones?

Clemens: [Laughing] No, I haven't tried that yet. I think I—maybe I should, you know? If this maybe doesn't get rolling, maybe I'll give him a nudge.

Thanks Adelaide!

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