I've said everything I needed to say about Rosewill's RK-9100 keyboard. It's not quite a fully-featured gaming keyboard, but it works great for both gaming and long typing sessions. The cherry brown keys are clicky and responsive, but quieter than other mechanical switches. The illumination is dazzling and comes with some nice customization options. The keyboard's utilitarian design makes it extremely attractive.

There are some footnotes to add, though. Back-of-the-box-stuff. Like: you'll need two open USB ports on your rig, as the backlights require their own plug. Though the RK-9100 sports two additional ports anyway.

Part of the function row doubles as media keys, which is fine; use them, or don't. It's somewhat baffling that F6 and F7 turn the volume up or down—in that order—but you'll no doubt get used to that.

The keyboard's anti-ghosting tech lets you confidently press six keys at once (not that you'll ever have to). And the braided USB cord and gold-plated connectors are of extremely high quality.

If Rosewill's RK-9100 sounds like what you're looking for in a keyboard—if you won't miss more stylized aesthetics and complicated macros, but crave responsive keys and gorgeous, simplistic illumination—then I can't recommend it highly enough.

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