Anyone who thinks $120 is too much to spend on a keyboard hasn't yet tried mechanical keys. Once you jump on this bandwagon, you won't want to go back. But all mechanical keyboards are not alike; they come in a variety of flavors, each with its own feel.

Rosewill's RK-9100 ditches the cherry red and cherry black switches available with on the older RK-9000, coming only in cherry blue or cherry brown switches. I opted for the brown switches, for their quieter sound, not to mention that they require less force than blues to press down.

For starters, the keys are significantly quieter than my older Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro. You can float a little above the actuation point, so hovering fingers are no problem. They're snappy and responsive, and feel great to type on, even after some lengthy gaming and transcription sessions.

To top if off, this thing is sturdy. Its weight and rubbery grips—adjustable to different angles—ensure that it won't move no matter how hard you type, and that it never feels cheap.

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