One measurement of a good series is when you have different fans who prefer different installments, something that certainly qualifies for Resident Evil. To that end, Resident Evil 6 feels like a very ambitious attempt at to please every single type of Resident Evil fan, from the gamer who can only stand to play RE4 to the Resident Evil: Director's Cut purist who won't touch the RE1 Remake. There are puzzles, but they are hardly challenging. RE5 fans will like the steady stream of out-in-the-open enemies in Chris' story. If you like the thrill of being chased in RE3: Nemesis, you can find that in third scenario. There's even a time attack Mercenaries mode as well as bonus story starring the frustratingly mysterious Ada Wong. By jam packing all these modes of play, Resident Evil 6 is unquestionably the biggest Resident Evil to date. Just the main story missions alone average about 90 minutes (if you try to kill every enemy in sight and destroy every barrel and crate) and there are 15 such chapters to play through.

If you are one of those slow, highly conservative players who had to explore every nook and cranny, you can still enjoy most of RE6 without feeling rushed and find hidden emblems.. Still, the game is really meant to be played with a sense of world-ending urgency. As one of those conservative survival gamers, I found it was a positive that I never had that compulsion to restart a section due to poor item management (something I would do in previous RE games). Resident Evil 6 seldom gives you that feeling of item scarcity, which helps move the game along.