It turns out the pacing is one of the game's very few highlights as Resident Evil 6 is plagued with issues at every level. The save system is confusing; the game uses the same icon for saving statistics as it does for saving progress. Just because you see the icon doesn't mean you'll restart at that spot when you resume your playthrough later. The game also has some of the worst characters shadowing you'll ever see with rampant jaggies, most noticeable during the cutscenes. One minor bright side is that Capcom managed to remove the screen tearing that was present in the public demos.

Yet these issues pale in comparison to how the co-op was designed. Having seen success in cooperative play in Resident Evil 5, the same feature is available in all three scenarios of RE6. Unfortunately the game's liberal use of quick time events and protection missions make the co-op hard to enjoy. QTEs are challenging enough; even no matter how good your reaction time is, RE6 throws up a lot of variety in QTE commands that game overs will be inevitable for many. Now imagine having to rely on a friend to be on their toes as much as you, because there will be a number of such events where you're going to have to rely on each other.