What's your favorite game of all time?

My favorite game of all time—the one that I always go back to—is Chrono Trigger. We had that when I was very, very young, and I just remember, even to this day—I have a hard time remembering which endings are at which time frames, and, you know, which point in the game I can get the frog ending or the balloon ending, or, you know, just how different it is every time you play it, I feel. And I will always love that game, forever and always. You know, I've got it for the DS, so I get to play it all the time.

It was way ahead of its time. What games are you looking forward to right now?

God of War: Ascension.

Anything else?

I was pretty excited about [the World of Warcraft expansion] Mists of Pandaria, but now it's out, so I can't say that. I'm excited about that. But as of right now, I mean, I am such a big God of War fan that that's the one that, like, I'm just freaking out about. Like, all the pictures and videos that they put in, like, Game Informer and on Youtube and, you know, just, I cannot believe how amazing it looks, and I'm just—I'm excited.

Do you have any advice for girls who date guys who are gamers?

It's really easy. My current boyfriend is my best friend. I mean, and we lane together in League of Legends. He has my back when it comes to people dogging on me. I mean, he's not like bro-man, getting all defensive for his woman. He's just like, "Let her do her thing!" You know? "You'll see! Give her a chance!" I found that gamer guys who come to appreciate me as not just a woman, but a gamer, you know, they make really, really good friends, and really, really, really, really, good boyfriends [laughing].

Is there anything else you wanted to mention?

Well, you know, I wouldn't have this platform to talk about my gaming had I not had this opportunity with Playboy, and if people haven't checked out my issue, or the app on the iPad that allows you to see every issue that's ever been made, you know, just check out Playboy and Playboy.com, because they gave me this opportunity, and their content is amazing and classy, and you know, check that out [laughing].

What else do you have coming up?

I of course have a couple commercial events coming up for Playboy that I can't really elaborate on, but I will be back in LA and I have been invited to go to the world championship for League of Legends in LA, which I'm excited about. So yeah, so I guess I've become quite the hubbub on the subreddit, League of Legends.

That's not surprising to me. Thanks Pamela!

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