How'd you get into modeling? Did you ever think you'd be posing for Playboy?

I've been modeling since I was 18. I actually never, you know, put my eggs in the modeling basket before then. You know, I was posting—back when Myspace was the thing, I had taken a picture with my digital camera and posted it on Myspace, and I guess a photographer saw it, and he figured, you know, if I could take a picture like that on my digital camera, I'd probably be able to take amazing pictures in front of a camera, you know, of a really nice camera with a backdrop and makeup. So he went out on a limb and sent me a message. I was kind of scared at first, but my sister was with me and I found that day that I had a natural knack for modeling. Like, it was just amazing how poses and, you know, expressions just come out of me without really me even trying.

And I've always been fairly modest in regard to my talent, but not necessarily what I'm willing to show [laughing]. I've been a nude model since I was 18. And I've never been embarrassed about it. I've always been very open about, you know, the human body. I know that, you know, a lot of people are embarrassed or whatever, but, you know, I believe that the human body is a masterpiece. It's a beautiful thing, and I never thought that I'd be able to get into Playboy, but then a Playboy photographer contacted me, and said that he wanted to submit me for Cybergirl, and he sent in my pictures, and they wanted to test me for Playmate, and here I am!

I feel like that's one in a million. A Myspace message?

Yeah, I mean, it was all just chance. And I mean every day I count many, many blessings.

Congrats. So have you hung out at the Playboy Mansion a lot?

Yeah! Every time I go to California, I tend to stay at the Mansion. It's 100 percent amazing. It's just, I mean, you know they have the movie nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and, you know, Hef is such a sweetheart, and he is amazingly respectful, and his girlfriends are nice, and my Playmate sisters are absolutely amazing. You know, everybody feels that it's a cutthroat industry, and everybody would be, you know, really mean or uptight, but everybody's just incredibly nice.

They have movie nights—is there a game night too? Do you get to play any video games at the Mansion?

Sunday at about 1 o'clock usually it's called either fun-in-the-sun or game day over at the game house. But it's not necessarily, like, modern gaming, with like pinball and, you know, just basically arcade games that are in the game house. But they do have a couple different consoles hooked up in the library or the living room at the Mansion. But usually when I go out there I'll have my laptop with me [laughing].

As a female gamer, do you find that other gamers are respectful? Do you get a lot of shit?

Well, of course, it's a very, very sexist area. I always get told either "Show me your tits" or, you know, "Get back in the kitchen," you know? Like, it's either I'm objectified, or like, "put in my place," quote-unquote [laughing]. But most of the time when I get picked on or people start teasing me, I don't want to say I embrace it, but you know, I don't let them use it against me. It's like, they tell me to get back in the kitchen, and I say, well, "I'm all out of turkey," and, you know, "What kind of cheese do you want?" [laughing] They kind of take me seriously then, or at least treat me a little bit more like a human being and start having conversations with me instead of, you know—like, "Well shit, she's not afraid of, or offended that I told her to get back in the kitchen. What am I going to do now?"

And then you push them back down the lane?

Yup. And then I take down all their towers [laughing].

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