A professor at Michigan State University reportedly stripped naked, then ran through the classroom screaming, "There is no fucking God!" His name has not been released yet, but students called him "eccentric" and were not surprised by his actions. The professor, who teaches Calculus, was apprehended by university police.

One student offered an account of the lecture via Reddit,mentioning that the professor removed all of his clothing except for his socks: "You know someones crazy when they leave their socks on." Students reportedly ran out of the classroom out of fear for their lives. Another student says the man ranted about computers, Steve Jobs and how everything is "just an act."

The man was man was taken to a local hospital and will not be charged; no one was injured during the incident. It reportedly took 15 minutes for police to respond, something that students are very upset about. What if it's something more serious than a naked man next time?

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[via The Huffington Post