Having played Halo 3, what do you think about the way they're continuing that story?

Well, I think that they made sure to stay true to what Halo is, so that fans aren't going to be like, "This is a whole—" something they can't recognize. So a lot of the elements, and a lot of the things that fans have loved over the years, are still there, and I think that the relationship between Cortana and Chief is something that's stronger than ever, and that's something people really resonated with in the past ones. So along with how it looks physically, I mean how the characters look—it's so real, I think people are going to be really immersed in it—I know they brought a lot of the maps back, and multiplayer is supposed to be amazing. I haven't gotten a chance to play all the little sneak peaks they're giving people, but I went to PAX and I saw everyone playing it, and people are really digging it. So I think people are going to feel the old Halo, but still have a new freshness to it.

So you haven't got to play it yet?



I know! Like, I thought I would get a pre-copy or something. Maybe I will.

The ending of Halo 3 seemed so resolute—do you think they've done a good job of picking it back up?

It picks up right where it leaves off. I mean…it's really, you know, "Wake me if you need me," right? She needs him. And that was one of the first scenes we shot, actually, and that was a hard one to do. I mean, as we went along, I knew her better, so starting from that as the first scene was—I learned a lot. But I mean, she's alone in the ship for—she'll tell you how long. I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you how long it is. But she says, at the first scene you'll know how long it is. And she's just been alone the whole time. And then she needs to wake him up, and it starts right away. I mean, there's no lull period where you just get to—so like, right away, it's like climax.

She really waited until the last possible moment.

Yeah, I mean, you don't just wake someone from one of those sleeps, you know? So she really had to, and then they have to—I mean he doesn't get any rebound time. He has to right away be Chief.

She couldn't just go into sleep mode? She is an AI.

That's what I thought! I'm really mad about that. If he could cryogenically sleep, she should also. Or if she's dormant for four years, how much information could she have gathered? Anyway…the way that Halo 4 ends is, like, crazy.

Setting it up for Halo 5 or whatever?

Yeah! And I think that the—I'm just like, where it could go, and where they'd said they think it could go, I'm like—excited. I don't even know if I'm doing 5, but I'm just saying that it's—the ending is, I mean, the ending was like a lot of crying.

Like, of the characters, or just you crying more?

Uhhhh, people cried. A lot of people crying [lauging]. A lot of people crying, a lot of people dying. A lot of people just doing shit. So I think that along with picking up from Halo 3, you will also love where it ends.

Thanks Mackenzie!

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