Sometimes, it's easier to let go of a relationship. Martin Douglas and Maria Tapp tried to make it work, and look what happened: She nearly tore his scrotum to pieces with her teeth last year.

In March, during a separation as a result of that incident, the two ran into each other in a bar in Newcastle. Afterward, Tapp sent a text to Douglas asking if he still loved her. Douglas was able to overlook the drunken scrotum-chomping, and the two decided to give it another chance. 

Everything was smooth for the two for about four months, but then they had another episode at the end of June, so Douglas decided to end it once and for all by snitching on Tapp to the police. He called them and told them she had violated her restraining order by meeting him. According to Tapp, police showed up at her apartment saying that Douglas was accusing her of harassment. She was arrested and charged with violating the restraining order.

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[via Gawker]