Smartphones make our lives easier, but it can come all crumbling down if your device is misplaced or stolen. Thankfully, apps like Find My iPhone give you more options than hoping someone will answer your lost device when you call. But apps like Find My iPhone are limited because how can you locate or call your device if the battery dies? Lookout for Android has added a nice new feature which assists with locating lost cell phones even if the battery dies. 

Before your device dies, Lookout records the location of your smartphone. Users can then log into their Lookout account to see the last known location of their device.  If your phone was stolen, more than likely it will not be at that location but it does give you better insight as to where it may be. 

Mashable reports that Lookout developer, Plan B, is working on a similar app for iOS and plans to release it in the near future. near future.

Download Lookout for your Android device here. You will regret not downloading it if you misplace your phone in the future.

[via Huffington Post]