Forget being born this way. It's all about how Stefani Germanotta got this way.

Despite what she's saying publicly, Lady Gaga 2.0, the fat version, doesn't appear to be very happy about her recent weight gain. She's obviously trying to shed some pounds.

To that end, Saturday morning (Oct. 13) found her in a sweaty gym at SoulCycle in Union Square in New York, trying (but failing) to keep things low key while she burned some calories. "She didn’t look big weight-wise at all,” Kristin Breen, a 31-year-old regular at the classes, said.

Gaga reportedly showed up for the 10:45 AM class a few minutes late, and worked out in full-on makeup. But most people in the class didn't even realize she was there until the class was over.

“Great class," she told the instructor. She then asked if she could stick around for the 11:45 class as well.

If this all seems kind of random, it really isn't. Gaga must has something going on with the folks at SoulCycle.

“I’m organizing right now with Soul Cycle a Body Revolution cycling ‘Ride for Compassion’ with the (Born This Way) Foundation,” she tweeted Wednesday (Oct. 10).

[via NY Daily News]