As Seen In: "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life" (Season 4)
Location: 221 South St.

Charlie joins Dee at the Laff House, where she comes almost every night to perform, but can't because of a weak stomach. She explains to Charlie that she doesn't eat dinner, because stage fright makes her stomach reject everything, leading to the embarrassment that has characterized Sweet Dee's pitiful existence.

The Laff House is located on South Street, about a block away from Fatty McGoo's fictional boutique. Philly's top comedy club opened in 1985 as the Funny Bone, and became Catch a Rising Star in 1996, putting the spotlight on local talent. It finally hit it's stride in 1997, when comedian David Brenner took over and blessed the place with its current name. Over the years, the likes of Rudy Ray Moore, Thea Vidal, Earthquake, J. B. Smoove, Michael Blackson, Mike Epps, and Philly's own Kevin Hart have shut the stage at the Laff House down.