As Seen In: "The High School Reunion" (Season 7); "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang's Revenge" (Season 7)
Location: 1733 West Girard Ave.

Last season's two-part finale saw the Gang attend their high school reunion.

Sunny 's characters have always placed a great burden on high school, as it was a formative time for each loser. Dennis would tell you that he was kind of cool, but it's Dennis—his manufactured vanity is a paper-thin veil for his low self-esteem. He might as well still be in high school. At the reunion, Dee wants everyone to see that she's been liberated from her back brace, but the memory of the Aluminum Monster is hard to shake. Mac faces a difficult task, being that guy who got fat. On top of that, his name is Ronald McDonald. Charlie is...Charlie. They smash beers in the parking lot before heading inside for a beautiful disaster.

The high school parking lot used for this scene is none other than St. Joseph's Preparatory School, located in North Philly. Known as "The Prep," it is an all-male, Catholic college preparatory school, founded in 1851. It is one of 45 Jesuit secondary schools operating in the United States.

The school has a number of notable alumni, including famous sports anchor Jim McKay, former Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic coach Matt Guokas, Saint Joseph's University men's basketball coach Phil Martelli, 2002 NFL MVP Rich Gannon, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter, and Rob McElhenney.