As Seen In: "The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty McGoo" (Season 3)
Location: South St., between 3rd St. and 4th St.

Dee's out shopping with Charlie, who's looking for a "five-finger discount," when Dee is spotted by Ingrid Nelson, her best friend from high school. Back in those days, they were known as "The Aluminum Monster and Fatty McGoo" due to Dee's  back brace and Inrgrid's weight. Over the years, Ingrid's slimmed down and now  owns a boutique. Feeling like the loser that she is, a jealous Dee sets out on a doomed mission to take down Fatty McGoo.

A series of establishing shots indicate that Fatty McGoo's shop is located on the 300 block of South Street, but the interior scenes were probably filmed in L.A.— check out the photo above showing an Ultra Body Fitness across the street. There are no Ultra Body Fitness locations on South Street, or in Philly, period.

Though it's a major tourist attraction (Boyz ll Men mentions it during "Motownphilly"), South Street was cooler in the '90s. The popular eight-block stretch is home to a mixture of boutiques like Fatty McGoo's, restaurants, bars, novelty shops, and more. An increased amount of fuckery over the years has resulted in an increased police presence, especially on weekend nights.

The bad behavior has died down during recent years, but plenty of regretful people have seen the inside of the police station on South Street.

There's also a nighttime shot of South Street included in the opening credits, and as you can see, it's changed some over the years.