As Seen In: "Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire" (Season 3); "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters" (Season 4)
Location: 10th St. and Arch St.

During the third season, the news show started by Frank, Charlie, and Mac takes them to Chinatown, where Mac proves to be the worst—and most awesome—investigative reporter to ever bless the small screen. Charlie, on the other hand, proves to be simply the worst cameraman ever.

Charlie and Dee return to Chinatown in the fourth season on an investigation to discover the origins of some mysterious meat.

The Friendship Gate is an internationally recognized landmark that symbolizes the exchange of culture and positive energy between Philly and its sister city, Tianjin, China. Dedicated at the beginning of 1984, the gate stands 40 feet and weighs 88 tons. It has the distinction of being the first authentic Chinese gate to be built in America. It depicts several mythical creatures, as well as patterns and designs associated with the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The image of the dragon was placed there to protect the gate and the community from fire. The gate was given a new coat of paint and rededicated in November 2008.