Do you play any other games?

Oh, I grew up on the Nintendo. Listen, I'm 102, so you should also know this about me, I'm going to say things right now are probably way before your time, but like, Duck Hunt and the original Mario Bros. are games that I grew up playing. But I used to have a little—not Nintendo DS (I'm a little older than that) but the little handheld, you know, that Nintendo was the original version of—

Game Boy?

Yeah! I just, I loved video games when I was younger. And then as an adult, I dated a gamer for six years. So I watched him play all kinds of games. And so that's where I got to see some Call of Duty played. But I loved Rock Band. I mean, I played Rock Band every weekend, sometimes during the week, for I would say two years. I convinced myself at the end of that couple years that I knew how to play drums.

Oh yeah, it'll teach you. It's good.

Yeah. I loved it. I loved it. So I would say that was probably the most time I spent on a gaming system. Was that.

Have you ever worked on a game before?

Yes, I did, actually. I did on the Star Wars that just came out. I did multiple voices, but not as a lead character.

The Old Republic?

Yeah. But I did, you know, in the sound booth, did a bunch of voices, one day, not motion capture, so it was a completely different experience. This to me was my very first lead, like, real video game. That one was more just doing voices. 

So how was this different?

That's a great question. So I only have the two video games to compare to each other, but like I said, it's a completely different experience going into a sound booth for one day and playing ancillary voices, and not necessarily knowing the story (but still being excited to be there—I was obviously very excited, because, you know, Star Wars! Who wouldn't be?). But this one was creating a character and having creative input with the designers of the game, and getting to know the entire team. And we've worked on it for, I mean, from February until, like, they're finishing up some voiceover this week. You know, what is that, [seven] months? And then, I tested last year, so really I've been part of the family for over a year. And it's such a beautiful experience. It's been a real familial, inspired experience, and I have loved every minute of it. And I've been so grateful to be there. And I'm not just giving pat answers. I really, literally go to bed, and I'm like, "Good morning everybody!" and like, hugging everybody. It's just so fun, it's a family environment, and it's such a cool journey. The video game is gorgeous. You guys are going to love it. So yeah, it's been really exciting.

I can't wait to find out more about your character.

You know what else is different from anything else I've ever worked on? Anything else, I can talk about. You know, I've never been in this position, where I had to keep a secret from my friends and family for essentially a year. And just saying, "No no no, you're going to know what it is. You're really going to like it." I've never been in that position. It is like, the cruelest thing to know that their minds are going to explode when it comes out, but also it's been like I've been burdened with this information, you know?

Yeah, they're very secretive in this industry.

I know! It's really exciting and scary, kind of. I'm so thrilled to be part of this family.

Thank you, Erin!

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