We don't know much about the plot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and we especially don't know anything about any female characters in the upcoming game. That's partly because Activision is being so secretive with the details—but it's also because there's never really been a female character in a Call of Duty game before.

We've no idea why that is, and neither does Erin Cahill, the actress who'll be playing the first-ever female CoD character in Black Ops 2. She couldn't reveal much about the character—like we said, they're being extra secretive—but we did get to chat about gamer-guy culture, working with the Black Ops team at Treyarch, and more. Check it out.

You're playing the first ever female character in a Call of Duty game. Do you feel a lot of pressure because of that?

Erin Cahill: I don't feel pressure, I feel excitement and honored. And truly that's authentically how I feel. I'm just glad to be part of, you know, one of the biggest games in history, and to have the first female character in it is a real—you know, it's a thrill. So I don't feel pressure, I just feel excitement.

Can you describe your character?

I cannot go into detail, but I can say that she will be enjoyed by men and women alike. She's a very cool girl, and very relatable. And I'm very happy to be portraying her.

Can you reveal her name?

[Laughing] I actually am not allowed to reveal her name.

Can you reveal anything about her personality? What is she like?

She is—gosh, what can I say about her? She's very—you know, when I first auditioned, I didn't know what I was auditioning for. It was very top secret. And so I had no idea what to bring to it, except bits and pieces of myself. And as I got to figure out what it was, and as time progressed, I got to kind of learn more about her. But she's tough, but she's not, I think, what people are going to be expecting. Which is good, because it's unexpected. And she's intelligent, and fierce. She's just fierce. I really do think that she's going to be liked, because she's the kind of girl you'd want to have a beer with, and also the kind of girl you want on your side. I don't know how much of that you'll get to see. You'll get to see some of it. You'll want her around in a sticky situation. I'll just put it that way.

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