On Wednesday evening, two guys went on television, and put each other on blast (for the sake of the Americans everywhere): President Barack Hussein Obama II and Republican presidential candidate Williard Mitt Romney.

One's half-black, the other's doubly white. One's been accused of being an Islamic terrorist, an un-American illegal Kenyan immigrant, and a socialist who loves Wall Street. The other's been accused of having off-shore tax havens, only caring about the 53% of the country who doesn't need his help, and being dodgy on his taxes. Both share one thing in common: They are probably, like so many great leaders throughout history, a little full of shit. 

And that's where Complex—the most fair and bi-partisan American magazine since Cat Fancy came up—gets involved, and fulfills our our patriotic duty: To keep these two men honest, by fact-checking the shade they threw at each other on Wednesday night.