Recently, Mark Zuckerberg spoke with Y Combinator founder Paul Graham for the 2012 edition of Startup School and the topic of MySpace came up. Surprisingly, Zuckerberg complimented MySpace claiming that the once popular social media site was "doing a lot of things that Facebook hasn’t been doing." 

For MySpace, it was great earlier to help you meet new people. For Facebook, the company was more focused about staying in touch with all your friends, family, and people you already knew. Eventually, MySpace shifted its comprehension of Facebook and felt it needed to compete with the service to succeed. Zuckerberg believed that it was then that MySpace went ahead and copied everything that they’ve been doing and that is serving their business badly.

Ah, of course. You know that Zuckerberg couldn't discuss his social media rivals without adding a couple of digs here and there.

[via TNW]