Dolph Lundgren to Star in TV Show About Lifeguards

Dolph Lundgren to Star in TV Show About Lifeguards

Dolph Lundgren is headed to television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is set to star in a new series about lifeguards next year, titled Rescue 3. But wait, could this possibly be the second coming of 90's staple, Baywatch? Not quite - the hour-long show will reportedly center around a Southern California "elite multi-agency task force" made up of lifeguards, firefighters and coast guard agencies, but it'll be more about the action than the drama. Each episode is set to follow a rescue that involves all three of agencies that make up the task force, hence the title.

As for Lundgren's role, he will portray Captain John Matthews, a "career firefighter and lifeguard who leads a specialized unit comprised of experts in air, fire and water rescue." He'll also be a "reluctant hero," so that means he'll probably be a tortured soul or something as well. 

The series will definitely has been given a two-year order for a guaranteed 104 weeks on television by Tribune Broadcasting, and the first season will be made up of 20 episodes.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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