Dishonored is getting three DLC expansions, Bethesda revealed this week, one of which is coming in December. It's the "Dunwall City Trials" pack, and it will include challenges to test your movement and combat skills, including an arena mission and assassination courses. This wasn't mentioned explicitly, but the image that came with the announcement is called "Dunwall City Trials_BendTimeMassacre." For those that haven't played, "Bend Time" allows you to slow and even freeze time. Using it for a massacre is just the obvious thing to do.

In addition, two more expansions will be released in 2013, and these are promised to feature "story-driven campaigns." The first of them will focus on Daud, the leader of a group of assassins known as "The Whalers," and a character that—in our opinion—didn't get enough screen time in the main game. We'll also get to check out some of his powers and equipment.

The "Dunwall City Trials" will be $4.99 when it drops in December. Are you excited for more Dishonored?