Smith, on being surprised by new players:

"We would see combinations that were just like 'Woah! We didn't even think of that.'"

"You've probably heard the convoluted ones, like stopping time, putting a spring razor [trip mine] on the back of a rat, possessing the rat, walking it up to a group of guards, and then ejecting out of it and the spring razor, you know, exploding on the rat and killing all the guards.

"But there are simple ones, too. Just, like, taking Super Jump, upgrading it, and then in the middle of the apex of the Super Jump—which allows you to cross quite a bit of distance—then using Blink, really just doubles—especially if Blink is upgraded—really just doubles the amount of distance that you can travel in a split second. And so suddenly we have people doing things like sprinting toward the edge of the roof, jumping, and then as they're sailing out over the street, Blinking to the roof on the other side of the courtyard. And we were just like, 'Woah!' You know?"