Smith, on what he's most excited for players to experience in Dishonored:

"It's one word: improvisation."

"I had a moment where I mantled up onto a low wall, and I bumped a bottle and knocked it off. And I heard down the street, I heard a guard go, 'Hey! What was that? I'll check it out.' And like, you know, I was like, 'Oh, fuck.'"

"I look around frantically and I see a rat, and I possess the rat, and then I am able to fit under this little guard shack and walk under it and come out on the other side and de-incarnate from the rat, like, you know, closer to my goal anyway. And that is not a scripted moment, and that is not an encounter that we wanted you to have, that we set up, and you know, maybe no one else will ever have that encounter, or maybe one percent of people. It doesn't even matter. What matters is that the systems are fluid enough that I put that together on my own, and that's the emergent narrative that I have."