Nate Robinson has been on the Bulls for less than three months, but he's already looking for out his teammate Derrick Rose. To celebrate the former MVP's 24th birthday yesterday, the newly-signed point guard copped Rose an iPhone 5. 

"I got him an iPhone already," said Robinson. "The iPhone 5. He's 24. He's still young. I want to make sure he's cool."

What did Rose's other teammates get him? Not much. At least nothing as cool as an iPhone. Kirk Hinrich made the rookies sing "Happy Birthday," and Carlos Boozer basically told dude to get well soon.

"I just wished him to keep getting healthy, keep getting better so we can have him in the second half," Boozer told ESPN. "That’s the gift right there.”

No, Boozer. That's not a gift. Stop handing out platitudes and step your present game up. 

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