According to Variety, David Fincher is currently looking to cast Brad Pitt in the lead role of Ned Land in the director’s take on the classic Jules Verne novel, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Unfortunately, until Fincher actually decides whether or not he wants to make the movie, Disney has put a temporary hold on the production.

It would seem that if the director gets all of the pieces in place that he wants, then he’ll resume working on the project. If not, this adaptation could circle the drain at the studio for years. So far Fincher has only had discussions with Pitt about the part, with no commitment from either side as of yet. Fincher is also looking to cast an “older A-List star” as Captain Nemo.

A 20,000 Leagues movie might seem a bit out of left field when compared to Fincher’s more recent work, but it would be an interesting film, nonetheless.

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