Early adopters of Pokemon Black Version 2 and/or Pokemon White Version 2 will be the recipients of a unique legendary Pokemon, as long as they hop onto Nintendo Wi-Fi before Nov. 12. Called Genesect, it's actually the last known monster in the Pokedex at this time, at number 649 (if you'll believe it).

It's a 300 million-year-old bug Pokemon, genetically modified by the super-mean Team Plasma (they're even meaner than Team Rocket) to have a badass cannon on its back. And its comes with some unique abilities, as well.

We're fondly remembering another genetically modified Pokemon: Mewtwo. And we all recall how badass he was, right?. So we're going to get on this Genesect thing ASAP. Are you picking up the new games? Better do it before Nov. 12!