Poor Britney just can't catch a break. Isn't it nice to see her doing well as a judge on the X-Factor and not shaving her head in public?

Her former manager Sam Lutfi is suing the pop star's family as well as her conservators for defamation, breach of contract and is seeking millions in alleged unpaid management fees. Lutfl claims that three chapters in Spears’ mother’s book "Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World," lied about him drugging and isolating the pop superstar.

The trial began yesterday and opening statements accused the pop singer of using crystal meth and trying to hit her alleged habit during her infamous head-shaving breakdown in 2008. He says Spears shaved her head to get rid of traces of drugs in her hair in case she was drug tested.

Lawyers for the defense say that Britney's breakup with Justin Timberlake is the reason for her downward spiral and breakdown in the past.

According to the lawyer, prior to the relationship with Justin, Britney was a "ray of light" and after the breakup, she became "angered and depressed."

It seems like Britney has surely cleaned herself up but we'll just have to see how this whole case works out for her.

[via TMZ]