Address: 4 Stuyvesant St.
Website: n/a

Look - Macha Mousse Chocolate
This tiny snack just looks fancy. The smooth surrounding chocolate overpowers the taste of green tea. The center is loaded with mild green tea filling. If you're looking for a balance of chocolate and green, look no further.

Quattro – Green Tea Chocolate Cracker
This dessert snack is great for cleansing the palate post-dinner. The top layer is a potent green tea spread coating the next layer of chocolate, all atop a butter-bread cracker.

Sanritsu – Green Tea Cookie
This green tea cookie is buttery and mild. Think of a shortbread infused with green tea.

Maison De Kukkia – Green Tea Cookie
One word: heavenly. This cookie is like no other: creamy on the inside, thanks to the green taste paste, and supremely delicate outside. Look for the distinct branding: Masion De Kukkia. #Trust