Netflix is one of the best streaming movie services available, but the kingpin of video streaming is lacking one fun-filled category: adult films. That is where adult video service Fyre TV comes in with its newly launched porn app for Google TV devices.

Fyre TV experimented with various business models before the Google TV app. With the goal of being the Netflix of adult films, Fyre TV offers various subscription plans for users. The adult streaming service initially launched with a set-top box giving subscribers the ability to legally stream porn directly to their TV. Following the set-top box, Fyre TV successfully launched channels on Roku and the Boxee Box. 

A representative of Fyre TV discussed the goals of app on Google TV with GigaOm:

"We saw how Android went from last to first in terms of mobile market share and we are expecting a similar result here. Plus with their international rollout it allows our users from a wider range of countries to experience FyreTV the way it was meant to be experienced, on the TV.”

I know the app sounds interesting but don't run to the Google Play store just yet to download. Fyre TV isn't in Google Play because Google does not allow adult content to be distributed through its app store. However, Google TV owners can download Fyre TV directly from its website here since Google TV devices can install apps from third party sources. 

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