ABC Has Bought a New Bar-Set Comedy from "The Hangover" Writers

ABC Has Bought a New Bar-Set Comedy from "The Hangover" Writers

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the guys who penned the The Hangover script, are going into TV. According to Deadline, the duo have sold Mixology to ABC, a comedy that "follows five guys and five girls trying to find love at a trendy Manhattan bar across the course of one night." No word on if, by the end of the season, they'll all figure out that a trendy Manhattan bar is not the right place to go to "find love," but we do know that ABC has given the series a put-pilot commitment - meaning there will be a monetary penalty if the pilot is not aired - so they're apparently pretty confident in the concept.

"We’ve been working in features for a while, and we couldn’t be more excited to now bring our trademark brand of lame dialogue, thin characters, and gimmicky concepts to television," Lucas told to Deadline of the pick-up.  "Television is definitely in a Golden Era," Scott added, "but with a little hard work, we think we can get that down to silver or bronze." Oh, you jokesters.

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