As seen in: 15 Minutes (2001)
Director: John Herzfeld

In one of the worst cop movies ever made, Robert De Niro plays a celebrity detective on the trail of two ex-cons who film the murders they commit (one of them fancies himself the next Frank Capra). Jealous of the their pursuer's fame, the lead villain (Karel Roden) hatches one of the most ludicrous plans ever: to kill the beloved officer on camera, sell the snuff film to a true crime TV show, plead insanity when charged with murder, declare his sanity once in an asylum, skate free because you can't be tried twice for the same crime, and cash in on book and movie rights. Get all that?

They do indeed snuff out De Niro's character, and when they do, viewers inevitably feel pangs of jealousy that the lucky bastard got to exit the ill-conceived picture before they did.